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Sales Director销售总监

1.Description岗位概述:Be fully responsible for sales related issues, make and perfect the sales policies and market planning, complete the sales target and increase the market share总负责公司的销售相关事务,制定并完善销售制度及市场规划,增加市场份额。

2. Position Responsibility岗位职责

Sales Strategic Planning & Execution销售战略规划与执行

1. Develop sales strategy and sales plans,break down sales targets;


2.Complete all sales related budget targets(Order income, sales turnover, AR, Stock, Gross Margin, Sales Cost, etc.)完成公司的各项销售相关的预算指标(获得的订单数, 销售额, 应收账款, 库存, 毛利, 销售成本等);

3. Have project customer and key account management experience;Experience in handling 10 million+ amount single contract


Leadership in sales department销售部门管理

1.Creates an environment where high performance is strived for and professional standards are maintained and adhered to in sales department ;


2. Sales team establishment,develop sales function policies to upgrade sales team capability;

建立销售团队,制定销售职能政策以提升销售团队的能力;3。Keep track of team members performance, provide one-on-one coaching with sales team to improve   performance,provide strong support for the sales personnel;


4、Supervise and implement sales policy,control department budget and reducing sales costs;

督导及贯彻执行销售管理制度;负责控制部门预算,降低营销成本 ;


1、Education教育水平: Bachelor degree or above, major in automation, mechanical and electrical;自动化、机械制造、电气类相关专业,本科及以上学历; 

2、8 years+ sales experience in Railway or new energy fields or imported industrial products , more than 5 years independent sales dept。 management experience


3、Proven leadership and team management skills;


4、Market awareness, flexibility and ability to independently to develop the market, strong learning ability and great communication skills ;


5、Strongly motivated, energetic, healthy and optimistic;


6、Willing to travel frequently; 能够适应经常出差;

7、Strong written and verbal English and Mandarin;较强的英语和普通话书面和口头表达能力;

8、Salary negotiable工资面议;

Sales Engineer销售工程师

Position responsibility岗位职责

1. Explore and guide customer’s needs, analyze purchase intentions ,build up relationship with customer, follow up and try best to get order,achieve sales targets and contribute to overall company success;

积极发掘引导客户采购需求,分析判断客户购买意向,建立客户关系,跟进客户进度,积极促成定单, 实现销售目标并为公司整体成功做出贡献;

2。 Establish & maintain an excellent relationship with existing and potential clients, regular customer visiting, understand customer’s needs and improve after-sales service;


3。 Observe the market and its development, collect market information , provide report for market analysis and reports on competitors’ development。 Identify and evaluate new market and new target clients in China。 Assist in the formulation of market strategy and partner selection;


4.Gooding learning skills, keep leaning new product information including the model, technical details, characteristics and industrial application; 良好的学习能力,可持续不断学习新产品知识(包括型号、技术知识,性能,产品的行业应用);

5. Process contract negotiations, calculate offers & order intake; follow up monthly sales and payment performances;


6. Support product promotional activities, eg. trade shows / exhibitions;


7. Perform any other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the superior;



1.Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical and electrical equipment, automation instrumentation, etc.


2。More than three year experience in direct sales of industrial products, and experience in large-scale state-owned enterprise customers is preferred, marketing & sales of railway,European and American brand sales experience is preferred;


3. Sales presentation and negotiation ability, understand business flow, do well in customer relationship maintenance, project follow-up, business negotiations, payment collection, and have independent customer tracking , order processing and after-sales service capabilities


4. Honest, self-motivated, with good sense of sales and marketing;


5. Energetic, healthy,can work under pressure, strong team spirit and learning capability;

有活力,健康,抗压性强, 较强的团队合作精神和学习能力;

6. Good reading and spoken English, CET-6 above;


7. Willing to travel frequently; 能够适应经常出差;

8.Salary negotiable工资面议;

Global sourcing and Purchasing


Position responsibility岗位职责

1.Design, implement and execute the category product’s strategic sourcing initiatives, including supply market analysis, strategy development and management of requests for proposal and supplier negotiations. Follow up cooperation issue with supplier;


2.Monitor market trends, supplier condition and procurement best practices and keep abreast of new developments to make recommendations for continuous improvement in product performance and/or customers’ satisfactions (internal & external);


3.Keep supplier surveys and metrics to ensure quality goods and integrity. Manage relationships with key suppliers to ensure they meet quality and service requirements whiling maintaining competitive prices;


5。Familiar with the specifications and related standards of the materials in charge, daily purchase order processing, work closely with related partners like forwarder, custom declaration company to ensure on-time delivery of product and inventory at optimal cost;


6. Work with business units/suppliers to correct major or repetitive supply issues and implement demand driven supply chain programs;


7。 Complete other tasks assigned by General Manager and other internal operation matters;




1.Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical and electrical equipment, international trade or English etc. Minimum 3 years in international purchasing/sourcing experience in industry field;


2.Excellent in verbal and written English. CET6 above, CET8 preferred, familiar with the writing skills and etiquette of English business letters;

良好的英语口语和书面表达。 CET6以上,CET8优先,熟悉英语商务信函的写作技巧和礼节;

3. Familiar with the trading knowledge and procedure, able to work independently. Excellent knowledge of procurement functions including sourcing strategies, contract negotiations, and contract management;


4。Good communication skill, problem resolving and decision making techniques;


5。 Innovative, self-motivated and ability to work with minimal supervision along with strong leadership, management and interpersonal skills。 Good sense of cost control, can deal with emergencies;


6。 Salary negotiable工资面议;

Sales Assistant



Job description

1。 Responsible for handling, quoting, and tracking after customer quotation in the region


2。Responsible for customer orders, contract entry, application for procurement


3。  Responsible for the tracking of the goods that have been placed, timely communication with the company's procurement department and customers


4. Responsible for the delivery of the customer's order, the application for invoicing


5. Assist the sales manager to do the telephone visit work, and timely report the customer information when the sales staff is absent, and properly handle it.


6. Responsible for collecting potential customer information and submitting it to sales staff 负责收集潜在客户信息,提交给销售人员使用

job requirements:


1.Bachelor degree or above


2.More than 1 year sales assistant or customer maintenance management experience


3.Serious, careful, responsible, accurate and efficient


4.Proficiency in office software and other graphic processing software


International trade and English major is preferred, English CET 6


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